1950s Kitchen Remodel

Recently RK Wood Products was contacted by Barbara Keller of Barbara Keller Designs, to remodel a kitchen. Barbara is a designer that we’ve worked closely with over the years.
Her clients house is a charming home built in the 1950’s with a need for a kitchen transformation and rebirth.

Work space before the remodel

Cabinets before the remodel

Maybe some extra storage could go here

The kitchen and eating area were striped back to bare bones, and the work began.
The custom cabinets are made of alder with an easy to clean pre-finished white maple interior. Two pull out pantry shelves make it convenient to find items and the pull out trash container keeps thing nice and tidy.

New cabinets with hidden pull out trash containers

The new granite counter tops make a great work area.

New counter tops

You can never have too much storage space. The stub wall was replaced with a bank of beautiful easy to reach cabinets and more usable counter space.

Extra storage solution

The owner is a delightful lady who comes from an Italian heritage, with a large family that she loves to cook for. It was time for Ann to have a wonderful updated kitchen where she could perform her culinary magic.

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